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“Learning mathematics is a key fundamental in every education system that aims to prepare its citizen for a productive life in the 21st century.”

Ministry of Education, Curriculum Planning and Development Division, April 2012



In Assumption English School, we aim to enable every student to access mathematics and inspire them to enjoy learning the subject. Our programme is summarised below:



Mathematical modelling tasks to build collaborative skills
- Mathematical Modelling Project - Kite Designing and Making Competition


- Mathematical Modelling Project - Tiling Competition


School-based competitions to promote interest in mathematics
- Mathematics Trail



- Guess the number of M & Ms


External competitions to stretch more mathematically-inclined students

  • Cluster West 6’s Project Ace Competition
  • Cluster West 6’s Maths Symposium 
  • Nanyang Girls’ High School Maths Mania
  • All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition for Normal Course Students 2015
  • Financial Literacy For Youths Race 2015 - Fly Race by Republic Polytechnic

Computer Applications

The computer applications course is specially for our Normal (Technical) course students.  Through the four years of education, students will learn fundamental knowledge and skills in each of the following modules:


  • Computer fundamentals and applications on the Internet
  • Media elements e.g. computer drawing and image editing
  • Word processing
  • Spreadsheet calculations and charts
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Media computing e.g. game design and programming 


The modules are taught in a problem-driven approach where one or more of these modules are integrated in each problem set. At the end of four years, students should be able to use software for word processing, multimedia presentations, and spreadsheet calculations and charts. They will also be able to use application software to share resources and publish web pages on the Internet, communicate via email and chat facility, and represent their problem solutions via data tables, flowcharts and programming statements.


Winning entries at Chestnut Drive Secondary School CPA Challenge 2015, Graphics Design Competition

2nd place graphics design

2nd place by: Raden Syahirah Nurthaqifa
and Mohamad Shyaquir Mon Jr from Class 2/5


3rd place graphics design

3rd place by: Luu Gia Linh and
Gerald Char Kai Jun from Class 2/5


Media Computing Competition 2015 organised by Computer Education Unit, Sciences Branch, Curriculum Planning and Development Division (CPDD).


Category A – Animation for Secondary 2


Theme: Values

Submission by: Park Gayoung from Class 2/5



Category B – Game Making for Secondary 3


Theme: Numbers and Letters

Submission by: Rafael Kamil from Class 3/6



Students’ Daily Work


From Class 1/5:


Done by Domanique Loh Jun Xi


Done by Muhammad Afiq Rizuan

From Class 2/5:


Done by Hamzy


Done by Wong Yi Zhen

From Class 3/6:


Done by Andrew Mak


Done by Muhammad Danish

From Class 4/7:


Done by Nur Shahirah

Done by Preetvinder