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Mathematics Programmes in AES
In Assumption English School, we would like to expose our students to as many programmes as possible to encourage their thinking and broaden their mental capacity. Currently, we have Performance Assessment projects that our Secondary 1 to Secondary 3 students go through. The projects help our students to develop critical thinking skills as they work in their groups to solve the problems given to them. The project spans a few weeks so that our students have the opportunity to explore various ways of solving the open-ended problem. This further tests their decision-making skills and allows the students to showcase their different talents as they work together as a group. 

Apart from the project, we also have the Maths Trail for the lower secondary students. This serves as another platform for the students to express their creativity in solving problems as they move around the school campus. The students would be exposed to real life situations when maths would be needed to help them overcome a problem. The Maths Trail would enable the students to experience Math in an environment other than in the confines of their classroom.

Apart from our internal programmes, we also actively participate in external Maths competitions and Maths Olympiads. In 2009, some of our Secondary 2 students were sent to participate in the Maths Olympiad and they did us proud by being ranked in the top 10 in the competition. As a result, our school was crowned as the overall champion in the competition. 


Online Resources
In Assumption English School, we teachers are not just solely using the whiteboard for our classroom lessons. The Math Department has always collaborated with ACE-Learning which is the leading Mathematics E-Learning system in Singapore.
Each and every student in AES has their own individual account to log into the ACE learning system and use that as a supplement for the usual classroom lesson. Students are able to go revisit math concepts taught during lesson and practice with a database of sums in the E-learning portal.